The Perfect Dining Experience

Nice modern open plan restaurant with well spaced out tables and comfy seating,,,,,,,,.( toilet area immaculate too ) The food is very fresh, very authentic Italian and well priced… AND ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS !!.
Apart from the food being fantastic, the staff are very friendly. On the night I visited with my family , It was busy , but the only waitress on the night as well as only one chef worked in harmony and got things done very efficiently and with great humour. The waitress had a unhurried word and laugh with every customer and had a genuine charm. The chef , who happens to be her husband was equally friendly and good humoured. After a fantastic main meal, when we declined a dessert, the waitress produced a large portion of beautiful home made Tiramisu , which she said was” on the house”… what a nice gesture !….. Overall verdict = The perfect dining experience and a very welcome addition to Galway. My best regards for the future. —Mark