Panda Little Reporters Visit the Embassy  and came to Galway to dine at Osteria and meet the Mayor

Panda Little Reporter delegation composed of 27 Chinese primary school students from Chengdu and Kunming visited the Embassy of China and was warmly received by Ambassador He Xiangdong, his wife Ms. Xia Lining, Political Counselor Huang He and other diplomats from the Embassy.

They came to Galway met the Mayor to dined at Osteria 

Based on their personal experience and what they have seen and heard during the trip to Ireland, the little reporters interviewed Ambassador He with questions about China-Ireland relationship, Belt and Road initiative, China’s green development and the life and work of diplomats. Ambassador He answered all questions patiently and told them the Sino-Irish relations enjoys a sound momentum with new breakthroughs. The bilateral trade doubled in the past three years to near 15 billion US dollar. Fruitful results have been achieved in technology and culture cooperation and people-to-people exchanges. Chinese local governments including Chengdu and Kunming and Irish local authorities have witnessed closer exchanges and ever growing friendship.

Ambassador He added that this trip is a great opportunity for little reporters to show Chinese culture and Chinese youth to our Irish friends. He hoped all little reporters can broaden their minds in this tour and make their contributions to building our country and benefiting our people in the future. Little reporters thanked the Ambassador and said they are ready to improve themselves and become successors to the cause of socialism.

Little reporters gave a performance directed by themselves to showcase local characteristics in Chengdu and Kunming. Ambassador He and other diplomats rewarded the performance with long and warm applause.

Panda Little Reporter Relaying provides a great opportunity to enhance communication between the youth in the countries along the Belt and Road. Panda little reporters will visit the television stations and media organisations in Galway, the third largest city in Ireland.